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Word Wars: Google Docs vs Microsoft Office

Word Wars: Google Docs vs Office Word

Oh I feel light as a feather.  I found a simple word processor. Office Word gets WORSE every year. Instead of simplifying people’s lives it leads to computers being thrown at pets. I swore off word the other day when I was helping a friend format a HW assignment. Bear in mind that I have TAUGHT office for years. When I finally found the correct tab, the spacing icon did all kinds of crazy things. The undo icon is lost in space.  One toolbar sends you to another toolbar. The simple reality is that most people want to focus on getting their words down on the page, and sent to wherever it needs to go. Google Docs reminds me of the word of yesteryear. Maybe microsoft needs to backup to an earlier version.

Google Docs is free and can be downloaded by, you guessed it, Google Google Docs. Your work is automatically saved and can be modified offline. Your document is accessible on all your devices because it is stored somewhere over the rainbow, or in the cloud,  which is equally obscure and frankly, WHO CARES????

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